My Story

I created my brand with a mission to empower change through art and creativity. We're constantly asking ourselves how we can do more, be fulfilled and live better. The answer is simple. Skip the mundane days, start participating in your life and live in colour.

Growing up, I always saw art as a luxury, only the ridiculously wealthy were fortunate to invest in. I struggled to resonate with art as I never believed it would have access to it. Years later, I grew up and was blessed to move into my own space. Over time, I got nice furniture and made my surroundings feel warm and comfortable, but something was still missing.

The walls were empty.

As a working adult, I realised now that I could actually invest in art. But what should I buy? Where should I buy it from? I wasn't sure where to look. Galleries were hard to access, and online art was pretty but lacked meaning for me.

How could I find art that I loved the look of and also inspired me with its story and purpose? As an Artist, I began searching for answers with very little luck.

I knew if I couldn't find it, I would have to create it. I've always been passionate about painting and was confident I'd create impactful and meaningful art that empowers change.

As one of the oldest living forms of communication we have, art evokes emotion and contemplation. It doesn't just have to be striking; it can be meaningful too, not only for you but also for the important causes you care about.

I want to let you know art is accessible; it can add value to your life, and by creating art for causes, art means more than the canvas it's painted on.

Our Core Beliefs

I believe art should be...


Art is a form of communication, and I believe it should empower you. By creating unique pieces of art, I want to share my story and inspire you to be more creative, bold and unique.


Beautiful art doesn't need to be superficial.  Each collection is curated with a cause in mind allowing your art to be worth more than just the canvas it was painted on.


Incredible art should be hung in every home. Creating limited edition prints allows me to make great art accessible to you without compromising on quality.

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